WE HAVE A PODCAST!! | Introducing 'Spilling The T.E.E'

WE HAVE A PODCAST!! | Introducing 'Spilling The T.E.E'

Me, Tansi and Elisabeth (Izzy) have decided to start a podcast.
It is something we had talked about for a few months and on Tuesday evening we decided to launch our first episode. We have already recorded our first few episodes and I really enjoyed doing them. I thought I would write a blog post all about our new podcast and let you know what it is going to be! Oh and what it is called… Spilling The T.E.E.

We are pretty sure Tansi came up with the name. All of our initials spell out T.E.E and we all love 
to have a chat and drink cups of tea, and so the name is quite fitting. The idea of the podcast is that each week (every Tuesday) we will be chatting about a different topic whilst drinking our fave cups of tea. The topics will be a mix of everything ranging from University to friendship to blogging. Each episode is going to be called ‘Spilling The Tea On… [insert topic here]’. 

I love that the podcast is going to be long form (about ½ hour to 45 minutes) of unedited chats about whatever the topic might be because it will hopefully give the podcast a really relaxed feel to it whilst we speak about different things. We all hope to share some of our own experiences with each topic on the podcast and plan to share our pieces of advice that we have picked up through those experiences on each episode. 

Our first episode is out now and is a quick 10-minute introduction to our podcast. It is called ‘Spilling The Tea On… Our Podcast’ and you can find it here:
⇢ https://open.spotify.com/show/4YSjChRt9UrfAGpqy9DuzJ?si=w-71I0WLRhqmara_6OpqqQ

We all really hope that you enjoy the podcast and we can’t wait for you to follow along and hear each episode. 
Also, give Tansi and Izzy a follow on social media - I'll leave their links here:


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Let us know in the comments; Is there any topic in particular you would like us to chat about over on the podcast?

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