My Goals For April 2019

My Goals For April 2019

I feel like I start every Goals blog post by being shocked at how fast the year is going, but I can't believe it's April haha! March seems to have gone by so fast this year and generally seems to have been a slightly busy month (particularly towards the start). I really enjoy sitting down to write these blog posts and thinking about what I want to achieve in the month ahead so I am looking forward to jotting down my goals for April 2019.

To do lists

I was out for dinner last night with my brother, Mum and Dad and my brother was saying how he has started writing to do lists at the start of the day which helps him to stay organised throughout the day and also means that he has a plan at the start of each day for the day ahead. Having finished uni for easter, I have found myself not doing too much with my days because I don't have uni to attend. So, when my brother said this I thought it sounded like a great idea. So, however big or small my plans happen to be for the day, I am going to write them all down at the start of the day and tick them off as they happen. This way, I will make sure that I have a plan but also be able to see what I have achieved that day by looking to my list, which I think will be great for my mind.

Upload more videos

Making videos, alongside writing these blog posts, is one of my favourite things to do. I love everything about making videos, from coming up with an idea to editing it ready for upload. I currently upload just one video a week over on my channel on a Sunday at 5pm. So, I wanted to try and upload a bit more throughout April. My plan is to do my regular Sunday evening videos, but also uploading more chatty videos every so often on a Wednesday. My Wednesday videos will be a little more chilled and relaxed and will probably be a bit more of whatever I might be doing at that time. for example, I uploaded last Wednesday and it was a 'BAKING AND CHATS' video where I (as the title suggests) had a bit of a chit chat as I was baking. I loved filming that video and so I want to try and upload more videos every so often on a Wednesday at 5pm as well as my Sunday uploads.

Cook more

This is something I have started to do more throughout March, but want to make sure I continue doing in April. I really love the feeling of finding a new recipe or learning how to cook something that someone else has taught me. So, this month I want to try lots of different recipes out, whether that be breakfast, lunch or dinner so that I am able to have ideas of things to make and try out whenever I fancy something a little different to what I can already make. I love the idea of being someone who can rustle up something really tasty from whatever I have in, and I figure I way to start that is to learn how to cook different things and cook more often - so that is a goal of mine for April 2019.

So, they are all of my goals for April 2019. Let me know in the comments: what are your goals for April 2019?

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