An Interview With My Mum and Dad | Inspirational People

An Interview With My Mum and Dad | Inspirational People

My Mum and Dad have always been an inspiration to be both as great and supportive parents, and also as business people. At the ages of 36 and 34, my parents started their own business focused on working with companies to develop and upskill their people. More recently, they have recognised the increasing need in the workplace to support people with their mental health. Following this, they now deliver mental health programmes to companies which are aimed at increasing awareness and helping people to understand how to support and signpost colleagues in need of mental health support.

When I created the Inspirational People section of my blog, I knew I wanted to speak to my parents about their work with mental health. So, recently I sat down and asked them a few key questions to help me understand a little bit more about what they do.

Why are you passionate about mental health?

Over recent years, my life has been touched by family members who for one reason or another have experienced mental health issues. This has raised my awareness of mental health and how it can affect the life of those supporting people with mental health issues as well as the people directly affected by mental health issues. Through delivering mental health training, I feel like I'm making a real contribution to raising awareness.

My job has always involved working with people on a daily basis. Increasingly, when working with people who are facing challenges, these have been routed in mental health issues. Through delivering mental health training, I have been able to support not just individuals, but also businesses to build their capacity to deal with this very real issue.

Do we all have mental health?

Mum & Dad
When people think about mental health, they often think about it in a negative way. The reality is that we all have mental health in the same way that we all have physical health. Throughout our lives, our mental health journey may take us through different stages of well-being. Sometimes this means that we may need support when we are experiencing more difficult times.

Is there hope for recovery for those experiencing mental health issues?

Mum & Dad
It is very important that people experiencing mental health issues understand that there is always hope for recovery. Recovery is not only possible, but it is also likely that someone will recover from a mental illness with the appropriate support in place.

Thank you to my Mum and Dad for being involved in this post and also for being the best parents I could ask for!

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