5 Small Changes That Make A Big Difference

5 Small Changes That Make A Big Difference

I believe that making little changes in our lives can in turn have a big difference on our state of mind and sense of calm.
Making small changes to our daily routine can be really refreshing and also give a sense of motivation throughout the day. So, I wanted to share in a blog post today 5 small changes that I think can be really helpful and positive to make in our daily lives.

Organise your space

For me, organising my space can have a big impact on how productive I am throughout the day and how calm I feel. If I am working from home and my room is a mess, I often get less done and find it difficult to be motivated with work. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘tidy home, tidy mind’ and I definitely think there is something in that. I’m not saying spend all your time cleaning haha, but keeping on top of my space and creating a really nice vibe, whether that be with candles or calm lighting, can make a big difference to my sense of calm.

Plan in self-care

At times, life can get quite busy and it can be easy to forget about self-care. But I believe that self-care is one of the most important things to do and so planning time aside where you focus on yourself means that it becomes much easier to incorporate it into your day. Whether that be waking up a little earlier in the morning, or simply setting reminders of time for self-care, putting in a plan before your day begins means that you know exactly when you are going to dedicate time completely to yourself.


Practicing gratitude is a really great way of focusing on the positive. Taking 5 minutes either at the start or the end of your day to write down 5 things that you are grateful for is something that I think is really good to do. Taking the time to put down on paper 5 things that you appreciate is something I would definitely recommend because it means that you start and finish your day positively by being grateful for what is around you. 

Recognising your achievements

As you may know if you read my blog, I like to set monthly goals. The most important thing about setting goals for me is recognising when you have achieved them and treating yourself. However big or small the goal may seem, celebrating when you have met one of your goals is a really positive thing to do. Whether you treat yourself by going to the cinema, having a pamper evening or celebrating with friends/family, recognising your achievements is something that I think everyone should do.

Doing things for others

It is always a great thing to help other people and do something positive for those around you. Whether you are volunteering, helping a neighbour or offering a random act of kindness, doing something nice for those around you can not only help others (which is always positive), but also can make you feel good for doing good.

Making small changes to our daily lives can be a really positive thing to do. Not only does it feel refreshing and give us a new sense of motivation, but it also positively impacts our state of mind and sense of calm. Even though these changes may seem small, you’ll be surprised at the big difference they can make to our daily lives.


  1. I've been organising my space a lot more, especially lately and it really is helping my mind a lot as well.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Thats great, I always find I'm a lot calmer when my space is better organised. Glad it helps you too!

      Eve Martha


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