Spending Less Time on Social Media

Spending Less Time on Social Media

I love social media. I love the blogging community on Twitter, watching YouTube videos (especially Zoe Suggs' vlogs) and posting on Instagram. There is so much about the online space that I really enjoy being a part of, especially having started my blog and YouTube channel. However, recently I have looked to how much time I spend on social media and realised that there are other things I could be doing in that time that are better for me and my mind. So, I have decided that I am going to try spend a little less time online.

One thing I realised when I started thinking about spending less time online is that I really won’t be missing out on much if I don’t go on social media for a few hours. The YouTube videos will still be there to watch, my favourite Instagram stories (aka Poppy Deyes) will still be available, I will still be able to watch Phillip Schofield's snapchat story and respond to messages from my friends online. The thought that I really won’t be missing out on anything made me think; why am I spending so much time online? I found that there probably was no need to spend that amount of time scrolling, because that content will still be there in a few hours’ time.

When I realised this, I thought about what I could be spending my time doing rather than being on social media. I could do some exercise, I could spend time with others and I could start revising for my summer exams. Looking to what I could be doing rather than being online made me see that a lot of time I spend on social media is procrastination. Whilst a lot of the time I love the online space, sometimes I just meaninglessly scroll rather than getting on with things I need to be doing. So, spending less time on social media will definitely have some benefits for me in terms of being more productive. Also, Spring is pretty much here, and so spending less time online means I can spend more time outside which I think will be so much lovelier than being inside on my phone.

Also, sometimes when I am on my phone and on social media, I am with friends and family. I recognised that I was missing out on conversations with people around me because I was on my phone. I like to think that where I am spending less time online, I can spend time having fun with people around me. Don’t get me wrong, when I am out and about I love to take pictures with my friends, but these don’t need posting straight away. It is fun to take pictures, but posting them the next day rather than being on social media when you are with your friends is something I have found to be great in spending more time chatting with friends and less time on social media when I am with them.

Most importantly though is my state of mind. Sometimes I can be on social media for so long that when I come offline I feel more negative than before I went on my phone. I really believe that if I spent less time online my state of mind would be more positive, and I can live in the moment of my life rather than the moments of other peoples. I also think that spending less time online will make me enjoy more the time that I choose to be on social media. It means that I will be able to just watch some of my favourite content creators and this way I think the online space will actually be a little more positive for me. I definitely want to be more present and appreciate what is around me so that I have a more positive state of mind and I think taking steps to spend less time on social media will help this.

So, how do I plan on spending less time one social media?

1. The one-hour rule
The first part of my plan is to have an hour when I first wake up and an hour before I go to sleep where I don’t look at social media. This way, I can start my day with a more refreshed mind and finish my day by winding down and being able to sleep more easily.

2. Post later
Like I have said, I love to be out and about taking pictures with my friends for Instagram, or just taking pictures in general of what we might be doing, but these don’t need to be posted straight away. Having fun taking pictures and then putting my phone away so I can spend more quality time with friends and family is something I am definitely going to do.

3. Plan more in
I often think that I spend too much time on social media when I don’t have anything planned in for the day. So, at the end of each day I am going to write down everything (however big or small) I want to do the following day. This way, I have a little checklist to get to throughout my day and can look to that first rather than to social media.

Like I have said, I love social media; from creating content to seeing what my favourite influencers create. But, more recently I have definitely found myself spending more time on social media than I would like to and so I am going to focus more on living in the moment and enjoying what is around me before I go online.

Let me know in the comments; what are your top tips for spending less time on social media?


  1. I love this post and the message behind it. I decided to take a break from Instagram. I deleted the app from my phone. It has already been a week and I am good and happy. The world keeps going. Wish you luck.


    1. That is great, so glad you are happy! Thank you xx

  2. What a brilliant idea, when I have uni exams too I aim to cut down social media, in comparison to other things it just seems like a waste of time! Although you can resist an update on Schofe? Great post!


    1. Thank you! I love Schofe's snapchat haha x

  3. Great post! Yes social media is built to be addictive... It's crucial to have a plan if we are to get some mastery over this. I find that if I don't have the app on my phone and have to use the browser version instead, I don't get tempted by the notifications. I do that for Twitter and Facebook. Not sure if that works on other platforms though


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