Blog Photography Out and About | My Advice

Blog Photography Out and About | My Advice

I really enjoy taking blog pictures out and about.
It is something that I have started doing more recently and I always feel so motivated and refreshed after having an afternoon of shooting photos. I thought I would share some of my top tips that I have picked up from going out and about taking pictures in a blog post because I am always interested to hear other people’s advice in these types of posts.

Friends and Family

For ages, I didn’t go out and about to take blog pictures, and just took them by myself on my tripod at home or in the garden. Whilst this is obviously absolutely fine, I knew I wanted pictures of me out and about to be able to post on my blog – because these are photos that I love to see on other blogs myself. So, my first piece of advice would be to ask family and friends for their help in taking pictures of you. It can make for a really fun day out and allows you to explore the best places nearby to take some pictures.


Something that I find quite useful to do is to wear a staple pair of trousers (I usually go for black jeans) and a vest top and to pack a few tops, jumpers and jackets in a bag. This way, all you have to do it change the top you’re wearing over your vest. Wearing staple trousers and a vest also means you can change your outfit quite easily when you are out and about and have a different look. It’s something that I have found it a quick and easy way to change up you outfit without having to go somewhere to get changed – it is also great if you don’t have a lot of time to get pictures and so don’t have time to get changed somewhere.


Taking pictures in public can sometimes be quite a daunting thought. My advice is to just try your best to 100% go for it and really have fun taking pictures with your friends. Also, taking time to build confidence is helpful – maybe start taking pictures in a quieter place to get used to being out taking photos and then building to other places that might be busier. What is also good to know is that if anyone has ever said anything to me, it is positive, supportive and just generally lovely, which has been a really nice thing to find. So, even though it can be nerve-wracking at first, going for it and having fun with taking pictures has been helpful for me when out and about in gaining my confidence.


Something I wanted to quickly mention is the respect of people’s space. Of course, in public spaces people take pictures all the time, so it can be absolutely fine to take photos in public areas. One thing I would say to be aware of is when it comes to others property, making sure that you aren’t being disrespectful of a person’s home and sticking to places that you know are public and okay for taking pictures is always best.

Use what you have

One thing I would say is don’t worry if you don’t have a camera to take pictures. Phones are great for pictures, and a lot of my blog pictures are a mixture of camera photos and phone pictures. Some of my favourite pictures from my blog have been captured on a phone, and so there is no pressure to get the best equipment – you can always build to that if you would like to eventually, but phone pictures are great as well. Using phones is also great for unplanned pictures when you are out with friends and can be great for taking photos out and about easily.

So, that is all of my advice for taking blog pictures out and about. Taking these pictures is one of my favourite things, I love getting creative in my city and having a fun afternoon with my friends taking photos.

I would love to know in the comments: what are your top pieces of advice for taking blog pictures out and about?


  1. At the beginning I was so scared to take photos outside but you get used to it easily.

    Love you jacket.


    1. Yes it can deffo be scary at first, glad you've gained confidence and enjoy it now! Thanks for reading :) And thank you, it is from Misguided x

  2. It can be so awkward taking photos while out and about but I try not to let it bother me. I go out with my tripod and remote, I get some funny looks but you have to be confident with it (or at least fake confidence in that moment) as you have come out with a purpose and shouldn't let others bother you.
    I will have to pop back soon and see what other advice people give in the comments :)

    Chelsea Jade x

    1. I love that you have the confidence to go out and about and take pictures on your own! Thats so cool :) xx


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