Having little ways to help our minds is so helpful for maintaining positive mental health. I recently came across an animated picture of a shelf, which had little things that someone might find calming and positive placed on it. I thought this was an amazing idea, and so recently I cleared a shelf in my room to make a space for all the things I find helpful for my mind.

I thought this would be a good idea for me, because it will give me a focused space to work more on mindfulness and being calm. As well as this space being a calm one to return to if I am feeling stressed (for example), I also want to go to the shelf space when I am having a good day, to work more on maintaining positive mental health. So, I thought I would share with you what is on my ‘Shelf-Care’ shelf in the hopes of encouraging you to have a space in your house specifically for calming your mind.

• Books •

There are so many amazing self-help books out there, and I always love coming across new ones to read. There are certain books that change my perspective on situations for the better and make me feel more relaxed. My absolute favourite self-help books are by Fearne Cotton. Fearne is such an amazing writer and it feels like a really genuine chat with someone when you are reading her books. I have ‘Calm’ and ‘The Happy Journal’, which I would 100% recommend. Other than these books, I would also recommend a new one that I am starting to read called ‘The Life Changing Magic Of Not Giving A F***’ by Sarah Knight. I am about half way through this book and so far would definitely recommend.

• Fruit •

Eating healthily for me always makes me feel more energised and fresh. I am often the kind of person to grab a chocolate bar over a healthy snack because ‘it is quicker and easier’, but actually, picking out fruit from a bowl is just as simple and probably a lot better for me and my mind. Also, when I am feeling stressed or down, it would definitely be better to have some fruit or other healthy food rather than something less healthy for me, and this is something I am going to aim for this year. So, having healthy food to hand on the shelf is a good reminder.

• Notebook •

Some people, including myself, find it useful to write down thoughts on paper at the end of (or throughout) the day. This way, I am able to get all my thoughts down, rather than having them in my mind. For me, it is a good way of not only getting my thoughts out, but also reflecting on them, and seeing what made me happy, or what made me stressed – for example. I find this a really useful method and always feel better after having done this.

• Candles •

Having a calm environment really improves my mood. When my room is clean and the space around me is relaxing, I find that I am more content in myself. One thing that really helps my environment be calm and peaceful is candles. Having my favourite scented candles to hand to light in my room is ideal, it is a small way to actively make my space more relaxing and something I love to do. Making my room calm, having a cup of tea and sitting down to relax is something I love to do, and having a few of my favourite candles on the shelf is a perfect start for making my environment calm.

• My Phone (Apps and Music) •

It is important to remember that in this modern age there are so many helpful apps and calming songs to help our minds. So, whilst using these to help us, I would recommend turning your phone to ‘do not disturb’ and not going on social media so that you can focus on relaxing. My favourite apps are ‘Calm’, and ‘Headspace’, so if you are looking for specific apps to help you to relax, I would definitely recommend you start with these. They are essentially a series of guided meditations. As well as apps, I would recommend having a Calm or Happy playlist that is already made so that, if you feel low, stressed or in need of relaxation, you have these to play. I have found this particularly helpful, and what is great about phones is that, as well as keeping them on your shelf when at home, you can also take them out and about with you. This means that you can have an ‘on-the-go’ helpful space to return to. Whilst we do need breaks from our phones, it is good to remember that they can also be helpful tools (if using the right apps and listening to the right music) for our minds. Also having your phone to ring a friend or call a family member for a lovely chat or some advice is also great.

I am really looking forward to having my shelf-care space in my room. I feel as though it will be really helpful and allow me to reflect.

I would love to know in the comments; what would you find useful to keep on your ‘shelf-care’ shelf?

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