My Goals For February 2019

My Goals For February 2019

Like always, January seemed like a relatively long month. I never know why January seems to go on for quite a while haha – maybe it’s because there is so much going on in December that when I have less plans and more free time, the month seems longer. I like January because it feels like a fresh start, a time to make goals and a refocus for the year ahead. This is why I love these ‘Monthly Goal’ blog posts, because they allow me to approach a new month in the same way as I like to see January (without it being too daunting – because it is broken down month by month). With that being said, now that January has finally come to an end haha, it is time to write down my goals for February 2019.

• Be more organised •

Organisation is always something I have had difficulty with. Sometimes, I am able to be organised, but other times I find myself spending too long planning, running late for deadlines or leaving my bedroom in a mess. This month I want some consistency with my organisation. My basic plan for this is to spend time planning out my week before it starts. On Sunday night, I am going to dedicate half an hour/an hour to drafting out my week ahead – university, plans with friends and blog posts included. Having everything written down as a basic plan for my week will hopefully help me be more organised overall.

• Start Exercising •

I am so aware that I don’t do enough exercise as I would like to. This month I want to put a real effort into exercising more. Not only do I want to exercise so that I am physically healthy, but also because I know exercising is really great for the mind. I have a lot of assignment deadlines coming up for university, and so I think that getting into exercise as another form of self-care will be really beneficial for me dealing with the potential stress of essays. Whether it be going for a walk with the dogs or having a more intense workout session, I want to put time aside for exercise this month.

• Ask more •

This is one I have started doing pretty recently and want to do more of throughout February. I want to ask more questions; whether that be to family, friends, lecturers – whoever it might be. When my family and friends are telling me about something they are excited about or have done that day, I want to ask more questions and find out more about things they love. This way I can appreciate other people’s passions and find out more about them. Even if the topic of discussion isn’t related to a passion, I really want to ask more questions about others and what is happening with them. I love the idea of learning more about people around me and asking more about what someone chooses to share with me is a great way of doing that. I also want to check in on friends and family members more regularly, asking how they are doing. This is a great way of showing people you are always there if they need a chat.

I am going to stick to just 3 monthly goals in February. I find that if I have fewer goals, but each goal is more in depth and meaningful, this suits me better and I am always happy to have achieved these kinds of goals by the end of the month.

I would love to know in the comments; what are your goals for February 2019?

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