Music Monthly Favourites | January 2019

Music Monthly Favourites | January 2019

I love January for finding new music. I feel as though January can be a fresh month, full of new resolutions and interests. This is how I felt about new music throughout this month. I was finding fresh songs that I hadn't heard before as well as remembering my love for songs I hadn't listened to in a while. I also wrote quite a few blog posts this month all about music, because I had been loving so many different types of songs. So, I thought I would share with you (in one umbrella post) my favourite songs of January 2019.

• My Mistake - Gabrielle Aplin •
Earlier this month, my family came to stay for the weekend. Whenever my family are visiting, we always listen to music. My Uncle recommended this song and I absolutely love it. It is very relaxing and chilled, and (as my Uncle said) her voice sounds quite haunting - which is so cool and really carries the vibe of the song. 

• Boys & Girls - Alabama Shakes •
This song was played at the end of an episode of Luther, and I searched for ages online to find out what it was called. I finally came across the name of the song, and added it to my playlist. It is another very chilled song, and I really love the originality of the singers voice - so good!

• Homely Girl - UB40 •
I went away with my family earlier this moth (which was such a fun weekend) and as we were playing lots of music, this song came on. I had heard it before a while ago, and the reminder of how good it was made me write it down and add the song to my playlist. UB40 have such a cool sound, and this song is no different. 

• Thank You for Being a Friend - Andrew Gold •
In January, This Morning won another National Television Award - which is amazing, I love that show. The morning after the awards, I watched This Morning (as always) and this song was played as an intro when thanking the audience for the award. I loved the song and quickly googled it. Finding songs from TV programmes is one of my favourite ways to find new music, because it can always remind you of one of your fave shows. 

• Little By Little Love - Tom Grennan •
This song came up as a suggested song to listen to on Spotify. Because I let my playlist play all the way through, this song was played automatically afterwards. I instantly loved it, and the lyrics of the chorus are so meaningful and good to listen to. 

•  She Bangs The Drum - The Stone Roses •
I love The Stone Roses. They have always been one of my favourite bands. I was lucky enough to go and see them live in 2016 at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester. It was such an amazing concert, and I just love The Stone Roses. This month I went back and listened through the first album and realised how much I love this song. It is so upbeat, and fun to sing along to - so I've been playing it a lot this month. 

This is just a snippet of the songs I have been listening to this month, because if I wrote them all in this post it would be very long haha! But I always love listening to new music in January, it is a great way to refresh for the not only the new month but the new year too.

I would love to know in the comments: what music have you been loving recently?

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