Mince Pie Recipe

Mince Pie Recipe

Yesterday, I had a very festive Sunday. We bought our Christmas tree, went to get some decorations from the shops, decorated our house all festive and, in line with this post, I made some mince pies. It was my first go at making mince pies, so my Mum let me know how to go about doing it and I am pretty happy with how they turned out. I was surprised by how easy it can be to make your own mince pies and I will definitely be making more throughout the rest of December.

What you will need:
⇢Roll-out shortcrust pastry
⇢Jar of Mincemeat
⇢2 circle cutters (one bigger than the other)
⇢Flour (for the surface)
⇢Rolling Pin
⇢Cupcake tray
⇢Butter (for greasing)
⇢Splash of milk (for brushing)

How to make:
Firstly, pre-heat the oven to 180°C. Simply flour the surface and roll out the pre-made shortcrust pastry so that it is pretty thin. Grease the cupcake tray – the recipe can make over 12 mince pies. After this, use the larger circle cutter to cut out circles of the shortcrust pastry and place each circle onto the cupcake tray. Then put around just over 1 teaspoon of mincemeat onto each circle. Following this, use leftover pastry to cut out further circles using the smaller cutter, and place these on top of the mincemeat of each mince pie. Then, brush a little milk over each mince pie before placing into the oven for around 20 minutes or until slightly golden brown. And that’s it – your mince pies (once cool) are ready for eating. It is also nice to sprinkle some icing sugar on top for decoration, however this isn’t an essential step.

I absolutely loved how easy this recipe was to make. Not only is it relatively quick to do but also creates a really tasty snack for quite a few people.

Let me know if you make this recipe by tweeting me or letting me know in the comments!

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