Comfort Zones

Comfort Zones

I have been listening to Billie Eilish a lot over the past few days – if you haven’t listened to many of her songs that you deffo need to! One of her most recent songs is called ‘Come Out and Play’ and, for me, is all about not being afraid to do what you want to do. I think comfort zones are bitter sweet. Whilst you feel safe and content in your comfort zone, it can be what restricts you from moving forward.

I have spoken before on my blog about how I held myself back from starting blogging for several years because I was too afraid. One thing that I think holds a lot of people back from trying something they love or think they would enjoy is fear. Whilst being scared to do something can be frustrating, it can also be what instils determination in people and allows them to push themselves out of their comfort zone.

‘Comfort is the enemy of progress’P.T. Barnum

This is a quote that I came across whilst watching The Greatest Showman. It is something that has stuck with me since seeing the film. It is very difficult for a lot of people to achieve what they want to in their comfort zones. If I had stayed in my comfort zone, I wouldn’t be at university, I wouldn’t have started my blog and I wouldn’t have gone on most nights out with my friends. I wouldn’t have progressed in the way I have. This is why I think it is so important to gradually push yourself out of your comfort zone to make sure you move forward in life.

I thought I would write my little pieces of advice about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in this post. My advice is just what I have personally picked up over time, so if you have any further advice please share them in the comments.

• Positive Outcomes •

Whenever I am doing something out of my comfort zone, I often have a tendency to see the worst case scenario. I almost decide it won’t be a good idea before I try it – that was definitely the case for nights out in the past. But, it is important to see the positive outcomes that can come out of going outside of your comfort zone. There is a lot of positivity in pushing yourself to try new things and it is key to keep that in mind when doing so. I can now say that after having pushed myself to go on more nights out, I enjoy them and don’t find them as difficult and overwhelming, I find them fun! This just goes to show that there can be positive outcomes in pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

• Gradually •

What I’ve learnt is that not everything has to be achieved overnight. You can gradually push yourself so that what you want to achieve is not to overwhelming. For example, I wanted to start a YouTube channel and a blog, but I decided to firstly start with just the blog and then move onto starting YouTube. This to me broke down what I wanted to achieve and made it less daunting. Once you are comfortable at one stage, move to another and then before you know it you will have widened your comfort zone. It is also more than okay if you struggle to reach the positive straight away, keep trying and you will get there. 

•Set Goals •

This follows on from my previous points but setting yourself goals that are out of your comfort zone allows you to focus on the positive. Seeing what you want to achieve ahead of you also allows you to see the bigger picture which can make the first step feel less big. Believing that you can achieve what you want to will also give you confidence when stepping out of your comfort zone.

Comfort zones can be difficult to manage. One perspective that has helped me is to see trying something new as widening your comfort zone rather than seeing it as separate to your comfort zone. You are just adding to the things you find comfortable when trying new things.

I hope this blog post has been helpful and good luck with pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone!

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