Be Yourself

Be Yourself

In a world of likes, shares and comments, it is pretty easy to become consumed in acting a certain way to get positive feedback on social media, as well as in day-to-day life. Luckily, I think we are coming to a point with social media where this mentality is shifting; people are celebrating diversity and looking to differences in others as a good thing. My hope is that this part of social media grows because I think it would have such a positive impact on people and allow us to be ourselves.

The topic of ‘being yourself’ sprung to mind when I was looking back on my blog and YouTube channel. I have said many times that I have wanted to start doing this since I have been 13. The only reason that I waited so long is simply because I was concerned about what people would think. I actually started a YouTube channel when I was at school but then quickly deleted it because I was so worried that someone would find it. My point here is that there was a time when I really cared about what others thought of me and in turn wasn’t being myself. It is only recently, since starting my blog, that I am beginning to truly be myself, do what I want to do and stop looking to please others. Luckily for me, those around me in my life have been so supportive of my blog and YouTube channel and have only ever been positive about who I am and what I love to do. This has definitely made it easier for me to be myself.

Don’t get me wrong, it is important to be kind to others – we should care what people feel about us in terms of our kindness. But we should not allow ourselves pleasing others to restrict us. There is a big difference with being kind to others and people pleasing. Finding this difference is key.

I can say that in the past I have had friendships where I didn’t feel completely myself. This is something that I think a lot of people experience, particularly when in school. The pressure to fit in with people can be very overwhelming at times and school is a place where this is heightened. Fitting in, for me, is more often than not directly opposed to being yourself. There is no need to feel any guilt for trying to fit in – I think we have all been there – it is in realising that this has led us to act differently that we can then come back to being ourselves.

Being yourself, I think, is one of the best ways to be happy. Doing what you love and not being ashamed of who you are is one of the most positive ways to be. For some it can be difficult to reach this point, but ultimately working towards getting there is important and, I believe, will lead to a happier state of being.

I thought I would write a few of my tips that I have picked up along the way about being myself. I would love if people could share any further advice in the comments because I think this topic is so important.

• Start Somewhere •

In many cases, people can feel stuck as to how to be themselves, as things around them may feel restrictive. It is not always simple to be yourself, but there is always a way to get there. For me, it is important to find somewhere to start. Whether that be one person who you feel you can be yourself around, finding that person and spending more time with them can be a great place to start. Finding somewhere to start is a great pathway to eventually be yourself in all areas of your life.

• Let go of other people’s opinions •

I can honestly say if I had let go of the opinions of others earlier than I did, I would have started my blog sooner, not held on to certain friendships that weren’t good for me and ultimately been happier. Being able to not hold so much importance by what other people think is a huge step in being yourself. It is important to recognise that you don’t have to stop being yourself because someone has a certain opinion about who you are. Understand that the issue here is not you and try and leave the opinion with the person who expressed it – let it go. The key here is to avoid aiming to please other people and aim to please yourself.

• Self-acceptance •

One key way to be yourself is to accept who you truly are. A lot of people are keen to become something or someone else, especially where social media is concerned. Being able to accept who you are is one of the first steps in being yourself in life. Know that who you truly are is not only just okay but is amazing! You should love yourself for yourself. Self-acceptance can take a bit of time, but it is so important; not only just accepting but loving who you are is such a freeing feeling and will be completely helpful in being yourself. Understanding who you are and accepting yourself for that is key.

Like I have said, I would love to know any more advice in the comments that you feel could help someone. Being yourself is something that can be challenging at times but taking the time to do this is so important and, in my experience, can make you happier within yourself.

I hope that this blog post has helped someone.

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