'Wish Upon A Spa' By Zoella Beauty

'Wish Upon A Spa' By Zoella Beauty

Not so long ago, I ordered Zoella Beauty’s ‘Wish Upon A Spa’ box. I was so excited about the order because I love Zoe’s products so I couldn’t wait for them to be delivered. After they arrived, I had a big pamper night and used all of the products. They were all so lovely and the scent was amazing, so I wanted to write a blog post talking through all the products in ‘Wish Upon A Spa’.

Firstly, the scent. It is such a lovely scent and I find it so relaxing, which makes it ideal for a pamper night. The smell of the range is vanilla and peppermint, which are separately two of my favourite scents, and so together are ideal!

• Star Soft •

This is a foaming body scrub and was so nice. I find that some scrubs can be quite harsh to my skin, but because this foams when you apply it to skin, it means it is moisturising as well as exfoliating – which for me is just the ideal mix of a body scrub. I absolutely LOVE this product, it is one of my favourites in the set.

• Cosmic Crème and Body Whip •

Both of these products are essentially body moisturisers, and they are so lovely. I find it quite difficult to find a body moisturiser that doesn’t leave my skin sticky or not quite moisturised enough, but I found that both of these products were perfect. Not only do they smell so lovely, but they left my skin feeling really soft. I am going to leave them with all my skincare so that I remember to moisturise, because I definitely want to use these products more.

• Accessories •
This set also comes with some accessories, including a headband (for keeping your hair out of your face whilst doing skincare) and a body loofah for the bath/shower. I love that these are a part of the collection and they add even more to the set. 

• Milky Way Bath •

This is a product that is different from something I have ever used before, but I really loved the concept of it and it was such a nice product. Essentially it is a powder, that you put into your bath and swirl around until it’s dissolved. It leaves the bath with a really lovely feel to it and is such a relaxing product to use.

 • Reach For The Moon •

This is a lovely hand cream. I find the smell of products the nicest on a hand cream – not sure if that’s a bit random haha but there is something so relaxing about a nice smelling hand cream. This product is really moisturising as well and all in all I just love this hand cream.

• Bubble Soak •

This product creates the loveliest bubbles! I just poured it under running water and swirled it around until the bubbles formed. What I also love about this product is that the colour of it is blue, which leaves the water a little blue too – which matches the vibe of the range so nicely.

‘Wish Upon A Spa’ is such a lovely set by Zoella Beauty and I would 100% recommend picking it up. It would make such a nice Christmas present and is ideal for a pamper evening.

I would love to know in the comments; what are you favourite products for a pamper evening?

I will leave a link to 'Wish Upon A Star' here.

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