Struggling To Be Organised

Struggling To Be Organised

I am writing this post because I have just missed an upload and I am so frustrated about it. I have always been really pleased with my ability to get a blog post up on time, regardless of what I was doing in my gap year. Firstly, because I like to do things when I say I am going to do them, but secondly (and mainly) because I really enjoy blogging, and missing an upload is just a reminder that I am missing out on doing something I love. So, this blog post is a bit of a ramble of my frustration as well as a step to planning my time better.

Starting university has been great, but something that has been quite a shock has been the workload. I think it is perhaps because I have been on a gap year, my brain is getting used to getting to grips with learning and managing my time all over again. It’s safe to say I have found it difficult to be organised over the past few weeks. Out of the 12 blog posts I have meant to upload since starting university, I think I have missed 3 and for me this is so annoying because, like I have said, blogging is something I really love and to think of me missing out on that because of my own bad time management is frustrating. I am really keen to get my organisation back up to scratch and where in needs to be in terms of balancing university work and blog posts.

So, this blog post isn’t all just frustration about the situation, I am really determined to get back on track and be more organised and for that I feel as though I need more of a plan. I came across a post (it might have been a tweet and an Instagram post) from @EvieBraithwaite where she speaks about getting a routine down in terms of her goals and to-do lists for a certain week. It is quite reassuring to know that I am not the only person who needs to set up a pretty specific plan to make sure I stay on top of things. It gave me inspiration to set up my own goals and to-do lists:

Set aside one day to catch up

For me, this will be this coming Saturday. Not only is this to get organised with blog planning, but also catch up with uni-work so that I am not chasing myself the rest of the week to get to where I need be. This will be quite a busy day haha, so I am going to have to get up early to sort, but I really think it will help. My aim at the end of Saturday is to have a fresh start and to find myself at a starting point for being more organised.

Day Structure

This is something that I saw on @EvieBraithwaite’s post, she discusses setting aside 6-7pm for all things blogging. This would be perfect for me because everything with uni will always be done by this time, meaning everything to do with university can be set aside and I can have an hour to focus on blogging. Whether this be planning content or writing, having a time set aside to do this would be amazing.

Sunday planning hour

I find that if I have a plan and a time to do everything, I will often get it done. So, I have decided that on a Sunday, I am going to take 1 hour out of my day to plan the following week; including lectures, blog posts, seminar reading, time with friends… everything. I want to pencil everything in so that I don’t have a panic of how I will manage to do everything in my week and make sure I can have some time to relax as well.

Seminar Reading

This is a very uni-specific way of becoming organised, but it’s something I really need to focus on. Seminar reading is definitely what takes up most of my time in the week and leaves me behind in what I need to be doing. So, I am going to aim to get most if not all of my seminar work done before the week starts. This way, I am able to have spare time during the week completely free to catch up on everything I need to as well as allowing me to relax after lectures or seminars. So, this is potentially my main aim for getting organised.

 Don’t worry if organisation is on top form

I hate not being organised but having said that it happens to me quite often. I just get behind on 1 thing and before I know it I’m behind on 10. But I think I need to not be too hard on myself because that doesn’t help matters either. Knowing that I will definitely catch up at some point, whenever that might be, is quite a nice feeling. I think once I become even just a little bit more organised it will make me feel better when I find myself a bit behind again.

These are definitely the main things I need to do to become more organised. I want to make sure that I am more on-top of things so that I can just relax more in the week and have more time to do things I love, whether that be blogging or spending more time with family/friends. I am really determined to have a more chilled and organised schedule and I think just piecing away at that and not putting too much pressure on it is the best way to go about it.

I would LOVE to know in the comments, what are your recommendations for getting/staying organised? And how to you catch up if you fall behind?


  1. You really shouldn't beat yourself up about missing an upload. Blogging is a hobby, it shouldn't add stress to your life. I find keeping a bullet journal type diary helps my blogging organisation, but inevitably every now and then university does get in my way xx


    1. This is such a lovely comment, thank you! I’ve always wanted to start a bullet journal so I might give it a try - thank you!

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