This week, I am finishing my summer job at a café. When I was working there, like many other people who work in customer service jobs will know, I had to show my fair share of patience. This got me thinking, there are so many times in life where you have to be patient, and I think it’s an important topic to talk about and discuss. Dealing with patience can be trying at times but can often lead to something positive.

Patience is defined in the dictionary as:
  the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious

Patience can be trying at times, especially when the things you have to have patience for are out of your control. You may be desperate to be a doctor, but have to be patient in getting qualified, you may want a new job, but have to be patient in waiting for a vacancy and you may want to move to a new house but have to be patient in affording it.

When I look at patience, I would define it as waiting for change. I think this makes patience easier to look at and gives the word and feeling a sense of calm. Patience is essentially the calm before the storm, whether the storm be something positive or something that may be more difficult to manage. Breaking patience down helped me understand that it isn’t necessarily a negative emotion, and in fact it can be a calm place to be. As well as this, it can also be a time for determination.

Determination, I often think, comes hand in hand with patience. You have to be determined with an end goal to make the patience positive. Let me give you an example. I am starting university in September (which I’ve just realised is this month) in the hopes of getting a degree. To reach the end goal of my degree, I have to be patient which in turn means determination to work hard and pass exams along the way. The patient period of the next 3 years of university is where I can make a difference.

This is the point that I quickly learnt in my time at the café this summer. It was in the moments that I had to be patient with customers that I could make a difference. If a customer had a complaint… or 2… or 3, it was my patience and in turn determination to help and improve the situation that made the best results for their experience in the café. Whether that meant they got a particularly nice sandwich or a spotless table – however they wanted their experience improved, it was my ability to have patience with their request that led to the best results.

Essentially, I wanted to reassure you – if you are being patient with something in your life – that patience doesn’t have to be frustrating or negative. Patience can lead to the best outcomes. Being especially patient with affording a house could mean you are able to wait longer and save more money overall so get a nicer house. Being patient with studying could mean you are more focus and get the best results. Remaining calm whilst remaining patient is my number 1 piece of advice and here are my top tips in how to manage that:

  1. Remember the end goal. Patience is often there because of something you are waiting to happen, achieve or overcome. Keeping in mind that the end goal to your patience can be and will most likely be positive really helps in remaining calm and keeping positive.
  2. Refocus when needed. If I take the example of studying; I often would be so consumed in work as well as the worry to pass that I would often forget what I was working hard for. Taking time to refocus on getting where you want to be allows you to remain positive and know that the hard work and waiting is all worth it.
  3. Knowing that knock-backs don’t mean failure. Often you may have to be patient for longer than expected, due to setbacks. Knowing that this doesn’t mean you failed and doesn’t mean that you can’t get to your end goal allows you to take things with a pinch of salt and go again. Staying determined, no matter what setback you might have, is so helpful in being patient.

I hope this blog post helps someone who is struggling with patience at the moment. I know patience is very subjective and difficult to manage at times but staying determined and remaining calm where possible would definitely be my recommendations.

Please let me know in the comments;
What are your experiences with patience?
What are your top tips for those struggling with being patient?

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