Making Changes To My Blog

Making Changes To My Blog

On Wednesday, as you may know if you have read my last post, I celebrated my 6-month anniversary of blogging. Writing this post got me thinking about what I want to do with my blog, the kind of content I want to create and potential changes I might want to make to the way I blog. This alongside the fact that I am starting university this month has meant that I am going to adapt the way I blog to make sure that I can put enough time into planning, writing and taking pictures. So, with that being said, I thought it was important to share these changes with you.

First of all, I have to take into consideration that in the coming months I am going to be a lot busy with doing my degree. I have been so fortunate this year in that, due to taking a gap year, I have had time on my side. I have been able to upload a post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week and put all my time and effort into them. However, realistically now that I am getting busier, uploading that much content probably won’t be possible. Well, that’s a lie, it would be possible to do but I know that I wouldn’t be able to put as much energy into the posts and make content for each upload that I would be 100% proud of.

I never want to put out blog posts for the sake of it, and I fear that if I upload 3 times a week along with juggling a degree that this might be the outcome. I am really passionate about blogging and so want to make sure the posts I upload are ones that I am completely happy with. To do this I need to be realistic with the time I have.

So, to get to the point, I have decided that I am now going to upload on a MONDAY and a THURSDAY. Along with this, I will be uploading weekly on my YouTube channel. When I upload a video on a SUNDAY, I am planning on putting up a blog post to go along with it. This will essentially be a summary of the video with my video linked in the post. This way, all of my content, whether that be video or written, will be in one space and will all be accessible on my blog.

I am really happy with this idea because essentially it means that I will still be uploading on my blog 3 times a week, whilst also making sure that the content I create is always something I will be proud of. With my time about to be spread more thinly with university, changing my upload schedule means that I will have more time to dedicate to the ‘two-main’ blog posts a week.

To be honest, these changes give me a sense of relief and also feels refreshing for my blog. It’s taken me ages to come to this decision. I didn’t want to feel as though I was putting less time into my blog because this is my passion. The truth is that now the time I am able to put into my blog will be most productive.

Also, I was aware that if I was uploading 3 times a week, as well as a separate YouTube video, creating content would become stressful. This, for me, would be the worst-case scenario because I would hate for something I love to become a cause of stress. I find blogging really relaxing and something I enjoy every aspect of, and so adapting my upload schedule will mean that it can stay that way.

Like I said, it took me ages to decide to do this, like a lot of changes I have made to my blog. I get a little bit nervous to adapt my content or anything around my blog, but I think this change is essential for me to keep the enjoyment of blogging at the centre and continue to create content I love. I am definitely learning to embrace change on my blog as well as encourage it. I think it helps me reset and continue to enjoy something I love so much, and I truly believe these changes on my blog will be positive.

I would love to know from any fellow bloggers; Do you embrace change on your blog? What changes have you made to your blog in the past?

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