Handbag Beauty

Handbag Beauty

For me, the beauty products I keep in my handbag are key. On-the-go makeup and the ability to sort out any makeup mishap that might occur throughout the day is always helpful, so having everything in my handbag for that is great. Having said that, I don’t keep my whole makeup bag in my handbag – I like to keep it minimal but have whatever I might need for makeup on-the-go.

• Concealer •

Out of all of the products, this one is the most essential! Concealer is the kind of product that I always reach for throughout the day – whether an unwanted spot might occur or my eyeliner falls, having concealer to lean back on is great! I always pack concealer in my everyday bag and bring a small concealer brush with me too if needed.

• Powder and Brush •

This is something I will bring with me on days where I am out for a long time, especially in the warmer weather. Of course, sometimes when I want a dewier look, I might not take my powder with me, but to prevent makeup from sliding off in the warmer weather I always put my powder in my bag.

• Lip Products •

Whatever lip product I am wearing that day, I will always have in my handbag. This usually consists of lip balm and lipstick. My lipstick always seems to have disappeared by the end of the day if I don’t reapply it at one point. I tend to wear more neutral lip colours at the moment, but if I am wearing a darker shade I make sure I have my lip stick with me, because these are the shades I seem to need to reapply more.

• Perfume/ Spray •

I love to have a spray in my handbag. I think this probably stems from being at school, because everyone carried a spray or perfume in their bag and reapplied it throughout the day, and so I guess I have got into the habit of always having one with me. It’s a great way of feeling fresh, not matter how long you are out and about for.

And that is it, short and sweet but everything I might need throughout the day. I would love to know in the comments; what does your handbag beauty look like?

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