I Started Instagram

I Started Instagram

I have always loved Instagram, I love seeing people’s lives through pictures and especially love creativity on the platform. Having had a personal Instagram for a while, I decided to create a public one to go along side my Blog and YouTube Channel.

I want my Instagram to be creative, and so I haven’t decided on a theme. It will just be representative of whatever I might be doing in my life – whether that be pictures of places I visit or photos I have taken for my blog. I love the idea of getting creative with outfits, places and anything else I might take pictures of.

Here is a link to my Instagram, it would be lovely if you could give me a follow:
 >>  https://www.instagram.com/eve_martha_/ <<

Do you have an Instagram account? I would love to know what type of pictures you love to see on the platform and who your favourite people on Instagram are? Leave a link to your Instagram in the comments!

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