Facts About Me

Facts About Me

Facts About Me blog posts and videos are always some of my favourite. It gives a chance to get to know the person behind the posts, but also is quite a good snapshot of that moment in time in their lives. Having said that, I thought I would write my own post filled with facts about me.

• I have 3 dogs •

Gem is the eldest and she is a chocolate Labrador. Lottie is next, she is a Border Terrier and Stanley is the youngest and is a cross between a Jack Russell and a border terrier.

• I have a brother and a sister •

I am the youngest in the family. My brother is called joe and he is the middle child, with Katy (my sister) being the eldest.

• Flowers •

If you have read my post ‘All Things Flowers’, you will know that my favourite flowers are white roses. I also love dusty pale pink roses, but white ones are definitely my ultimate favourite.

• Height •

I am just under 5ft 8inches. I think this is considered tall. Growing up everyone used to think I would be quite short, but when I was around 15, I suddenly grew to the height I am now.

• Big Family •

My Dad is one of 6 children, so as a result I have loads of cousins and family around. I love being from a big family, and we all get along which is so lovely!

• Favourite Film •

I have quite a few favourite films, which you might know if you have seen my blog post all about this. But I think the film I love the most is The Notebook. I am always in the mood to watch it and it is for sure my favourite.

• Favourite TV Show •

This is a tough one, because there are so many good programmes that I love. Some of my favourite right now include; The Crown, Gilmore Girls, Friends and Peaky Blinders.

• Guitar •

I have taught myself to play the guitar from the age of around 14/15, when I found my love for the band Oasis. I am definitely not the best player as I am still learning but I love to play the guitar.

• Dream Meal •

If I could pick a starter, main and dessert for a meal, this is what it would be…

- Starter: Prawn toast
- Main: Salmon tagliatelle
- Dessert: a fruit crumble (of any kind – love a fruit crumble!!)

I would love to know in the comments some facts about yourself and what your dream meal would be – because I love food so would be lovely if you could give me your suggestions haha!

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