All Things Flowers

All Things Flowers

Recently, I have gained a new-found love for flowers. I think this probably came about after having discovered Pinterest and creating my ‘Flowers’ pin-board. Since I've started using Pinterest more, I have come across so many lovely pictures of flowers, and realised they are one of my fave things!!

The main reason I love flowers is because of how they photograph, especially with people’s photography skills on Pinterest – they just look so lovely and colourful in every picture. My favourite pictures are when people have just picked them up from the shop, and they are still covered in the brown paper packaging. I have countless pictures like that saved to my ‘Flowers’ board.

There’s something so lovely about a bunch of flowers. Not to get too meaningful haha, but I feel like flowers are always meant for a nice reason – whether that’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a birthday or any other occasion. Receiving a bunch of flowers is just about one of the nicest things I think you could be given because they look so lovely in your home.

Growing up we have always had flowers in our home. Mum always has bunches of flowers throughout the house, and as I am writing this she has just got back from the shop with another bunch.

My favourite flowers of all time are white roses. I think they are just the prettiest flowers ever and, as another important positive, always look good in pictures. A close second though are dusty pink roses, not those that are bright but the more muted-toned pink ones. A bunch of white and dusty pink roses combined would definitely be my favourite, but if I had to pick one it would for sure have to be white roses – they are just so pretty!! I do have to say though I love the look of orange flowers as well, they are such a nice colour.

So, just thought I’d write a quick little appreciation blog post for flowers, because they are one of my favourite things. I have just started Instagram and I am very aware not to post another flower picture too soon, because they could end up taking over my feed haha!!

I would love to know in the comments; What are your favourite flowers?


  1. I love this post so much! It’s a lovely insite on flowers which deserve so much more love

  2. Such a nice post. I really like flower too. Keep up the good work. :)


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