What's In My Travel Bag?

What's In My Travel Bag?

My travel bag is my on-board bag that I take with me on my journey. I like to have everything I possible could need along the way. Of course there are the obvious – passport, boarding pass etc. But this is the list of everything I take with me to stay relaxed and entertained on my journey.

• Phone and Headphones •

This is a real essential for me. I like to listen to lots of good music on the way, but also love to download programmes to watch to pass the time on the plane. If you’re are travelling with someone, I would recommend taking headphone splitters, so you can watch or listen to something together. I like to download cosy programmes – mainly ‘Gilmore Girls’ and ‘Friends’.

• Book •

Having a good book to read is essential. Mainly because it is something else to do to entertain yourself on the flight. If you’re like me, it is best to keep busy on a plane, so a book is ideal! You can pick one up from duty free or take one from home that you might have started reading already – something familiar. I am reading ‘Harry, Conversations with the Prince – Angela Levin’ at the moment and love it. I also take my glasses with me, so I can more easily read.

• Rescue Remedy Tablets •

This is perfect for any nervous flyers out there. Having something to lean on if you are a bit anxious on a flight is definitely comforting, so I would definitely recommend having this on hand for your flight.

• Lip Balm, Face Wipes and Other Beauty Must Haves •

This is key, especially for a long-haul flight. Having some of your favourite beauty bits with you is perfect. Not only to keep your skin feeling good on the journey, but also to give yourself a pamper and something to do on your travels.

• Purse and Important Documents •

This is an obvious one but having everything kept together that you will need – e.g. boarding pass, passport and money – makes the airport a lot easier and less stressful.

• Portable Charger •

My flight is heavily based around my phone – whether that be listening to music or watching programmes online. So, having a portable charger to make sure that my phone makes it through the flight is perfect!!

That’s everything I keep in my travel bag on a flight or any journey to be honest! I would love to know; what do you keep in your travel bag? Are there any essentials I have missed?

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