I Started A YouTube Channel

I Started A YouTube Channel

Hello, welcome to my blog! Hope you’re having a lovely day. I am having an exciting but quite nerve-racking day haha. I have decided to start a YouTube channel – FINALLY!

I have wanted to start a YouTube channel for the longest time, probably since I was literally 13 years old. I found YouTube through Zoella and lots of other British YouTubers, and thought it was something that I would absolutely love. The idea of being creative and not only filming but editing and uploading your own videos online is something that I love! Having always put off my channel, I decided to finally take a leap of faith (after nearly 7 years of thinking about it) and start my channel.
Fun fact, I once did start a channel back when I was 14. But, sadly, being too scared of people I knew finding it, I took it down. This was ridiculous and I’m quite annoyed at myself for giving into the potential opinions of others and letting that stop me from doing something I am sure I would have loved. So, I have taken a lesson from my former self and decided that this time I am going to just go for it.

I put up my first video today (5th June 2018) at 5pm and I am really excited about it. I will leave the video in this post because I essentially properly introduce myself and my channel on there. I hope that if you have been following my blog, this will give you a chance to put a face to a name and get to know me better.
This is a really exciting day for me and I am quite proud of myself for doing something that I have wanted to do for such a long time and just putting myself out there. I love having this blog as my little corner of the internet so adding a YouTube channel alongside it is something that I am really looking forward to.

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