My Love For Blogosphere Magazine

My Love For Blogosphere Magazine

I first came across Blogosphere Magazine when Zoe Sugg (Zoella) appeared on the cover of issue 11. From then on, I have been a real fan of the magazine itself and everything it stands for. For those who aren’t aware, it is essentially a magazine ‘written by bloggers, for bloggers’ and releases a quarterly issue throughout the year. Having launched in 2013, its popularity has grown, and there are many reasons why I love the magazine:

• Community •

Every Sunday at 8pm, the #BlogosphereChat is held on twitter. I remember always seeing this before I launched my blog, and loving how it brought bloggers together in supporting one-another and sharing their ideas. The first Blogosphere Chat I took part in was the Sunday following the launch of my blog, and I was so excited to be involved, chatting to people in the comments. This sense of support for others continues throughout the magazine itself, with various bloggers’ posts being placed throughout. Togetherness is a key part of the magazine, and this is made clearer with the interaction with followers on social media and is a key reason I love Blogosphere.

• Inspiration •

Whenever I pick up a copy, the magazine fills me with a feeling of motivation. I am inspired by the stories told throughout, and the positive outcomes so many people have experienced from starting a blog. Reading about people’s experiences in the blogging world and taking inspiration from them has been a great aspect of the magazine for me. This has also given me a chance to discover new blogs too. The positivity runs throughout the magazine and I find that very uplifting and comforting.

• Support and Advice •

This is a point I have touched on, but reading the magazine, so many of my questions are answered. There are loads of different experiences spoken about from bloggers in Blogosphere Magazine that I am so happy to read about and take note of. The advice within Blogosphere is transferred to their social media platforms, where the magazine pushes conversation where bloggers can openly communicate with one another.

• Cover-shoots and Interviews •

The reveal of who is on the cover of Blogosphere Magazine is always a fun moment. What I love about the cover is that each person differs somewhat from one another, giving all bloggers a chance to be inspired. From Zoella to Casey Neistat, there is such a range of people on the cover, which is something I love about the magazine – it feels very inclusive. This inclusivity is shown in the magazine with lots of bloggers mentioned throughout, all with different blogging styles and topics. The interviews throughout are of a similar nature and add so much depth to the magazine.

• Blogosphere HQ •

This is new to Blogosphere, but I can already tell I am going to love it. Essentially, the magazine is letting us (the readers) in to the behind the scenes of the magazine and how everything is run. This is one of the many reasons I love the magazine, you feel as though they want their readers to be involved and to feel appreciated. I think this message follows its readers into the blogging community itself and helps with spreading more positivity. I absolutely love the idea of Blogosphere HQ.

I could talk forever about why I love this magazine. Not only is it uplifting and entertaining to read, but it also gives me a sense of motivation with my blog after reading. It gives me a push to continue with ideas and creativity. Also, the community that the magazine has built is credit to the people working behind the scenes and I feel grateful that I came across such a positive and well-meaning magazine; Blogosphere Magazine.

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