Jamie Oliver's American Style Pancakes

Jamie Oliver's American Style Pancakes

I have always loved Jamie Oliver’s recipes, so thought I would give this one a go. I ended up loving these pancakes and the process of making them. Usually, I would opt for thinner pancakes, but these are so delicious and I’m definitely going to make them more. The link to Jamie’s recipe and book are at the bottom of the post.

· 3 large eggs
· 115g plain flour
· 1 headed teaspoon baking powder
· 140ml milk
· Pinch of salt
· Fruit or extra topping of your choice

What to do:
The recipe is much better explained by Jamie Oliver (obviously lol), so please check the link at the bottom of the post for a full set of instructions of what to do! On my pancakes, I added honey and alongside strawberries and it was delicious. 

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