Finding My Style

Finding My Style

Before I start this blog post, I am 100% not the most fashionable person you will meet or an expert in style. Like many people, throughout my life so far, I have been trying to find what type of clothes I want to wear and make me feel good. I have always been keen to find a style of clothes that I love to wear, and this has definitely changed at different points.

• School •
Throughout school, I constantly went back to the same outfit; jeans and a jumper with a big warm coat and trainers. I find this type of outfit so comfortable and I also love going to vintage and charity shops, as you can always find great jumpers at a good price. As for jeans, I always go back to Topshop Joni Jeans. Jeans and a jumper are practically all I wore in Sixth Form, and I would recommend something like this for school because when you have a long day of studying, comfort is key!

• Out of my Comfort Zone •
Going outside my comfort zone with style can be scary but is usually really fun and gives room to be more creative. I remember one day I went to school in MOM jeans with a zip-up jumper tied around my waist and a long-sleeved crop top and I loved it. For some people, this is a normal outfit, but for me it was a change. I think stepping out of the norm is the best way to find your style because, even if it is a small change, it helps your style develop slowly, which makes the transition to a new style less scary.

• A Night Out •
I have mentioned in previous blog posts that I am more of a ‘night-in’ person than ‘night-out’, but when I do go out, I like to feel comfortable and confident – a duo that is often difficult to find. I love a boot heel, it can work for both day and night and is a lot more comfortable than most heels. I also like the look of different types of trousers on a night out paired with a simple top. I find this comfortable but also quite a statement and the boots or flats always go with this look.

• Learning from Others •
A great way for me to find my style is to look to others.
  • One inspiration for my style are Little Mix. Each member of the band has a great fashion sense and their individual styles are so different to one another, meaning that you can take something from each person. I love all their outfits and sense of style.
  • Zoe Sugg (Zoella) has a great way of taking different pieces and putting them together to create a lovely outfit. I have loved seeing how her style has changed over time and how she has pushed herself out of her comfort zone.
  • As well as this, my mum and sister have always had a great sense of style and I love getting their advice on what to wear for different occasions. Me and my sister practically share a wardrobe, I am constantly borrowing her clothes and vice versa. It is great to find a sense of style from the people around you.

• Things I've Learnt •
From my experience with finding my style there are several things I like to remember;
  1. Comfort + Confidence = IDEAL
  2. Try new things, don’t be scared to step outside of what you would normally wear
  3. Take inspiration from others around you and online
  4. Style changes over time; don’t put too much pressure on finding just one type of style, what you want to wear today will undoubtedly change in the future

What do you like to do to find your sense of style? Who do you take inspiration from?

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