Why I Love Baking

Why I Love Baking

I have always loved baking, ever since I can remember. I regret to say that I made videos when I was about 8 (not going to lie I was probably older than that) pretending I had a cooking show like Mary Berry and talking into the camera for “people at home” to follow along. Not sure who I thought was watching, but with that being said it is clear that I have always loved baking. As is evident from the videos that exist, I can’t say I am or have ever been the best baker, but I love baking for lots of reasons;

• Relaxing •

I find something very therapeutic about baking. It is nice to start making a cake or a cookie with an end product in mind and seeing it come to life. The most calming bit about this for me is decorating; icing and adding sprinkles has always been my favourite part – along with eating the mixture left in the bowl of course. I really enjoy making whatever it is I might be preparing look pretty and presentable. I also find the relaxing side of baking when I watch The Great British Bake Off – one of my favourite cosy programmes.

 • Fun with others •

Baking is something that I love to do with other people. Amongst videos of my younger self’s non-existent cooking show, there are several videos of my friend and I’s non-existent cooking show. I have always enjoyed doing creative things with other people, and it’s fun to bake together and feel as though you’ve made a small achievement of tasty treats with one another.

• Creativity • 

I would say I have always been quite a creative person. Whether it be making homemade gifts for people’s birthdays growing up or learning to draw or play the guitar, new ways to be creative are always things I like to discover. I found this pretty early on with baking, and I love that it provides me with an outlet to hopefully make something delicious that other people can enjoy as well.

• Different options •

I like that baking can be different every time you set out to make something. Baking incorporates so many recipes; from cupcakes to brownies to crumbles – the list is endless. This is a key reason I love it because it’s so difficult to get bored, even when making the same thing, you can change the way you decorate it and it suddenly because a whole new concept. I love this about baking!

If you love baking as much as me; what are your favourite things to make? How often do you get to bake? And why do you love it so much?

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