San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian, Spain

Recently me, my brother and my sister went to San Sebastian in the North of Spain for a holiday away. This was my first time visiting the city and I absolutely fell in love with it. Everywhere you look is so picturesque and it really is a beautiful place. I would recommend that everyone goes to visit, because it is 100% one of my favourite places I have been.

Whilst being away, I made a list of all my favourite places in San Sebastian. So here are my recommendations for what to do in the city.

• Food •

The food in San Sebastian is absolutely amazing! In The Old Town, the streets are lined with tapas bars and delicious pinxtos, making it so easy to find such good food. Throughout the city as a whole, there are also even more cafes and restaurants that make the city a perfect place for delicious food to eat.

  •  The Good Burger

This was honestly one of the nicest burger places I had ever been. I ordered ‘The Good Burger’ burger and it was so tasty – I would highly recommend. The place itself is also really cool, with neon signs and a grey and green theme. I absolutely loved it here!

  • Yellow Deli

Another one of my favourite places in the city – we went there several times because it was so lovely. Not only is it a really chilled atmosphere with tasty food and great coffee, but the staff are so welcoming and made a real effort to have a chat with us, even with a language barrier! I would recommend that anyone visiting the city goes here, and if you’re in the Devon area in the UK, there is a Yellow Deli coming to there soon!

  • Tapas

I couldn’t put each tapas place we went to as separate points in this post, because it would honestly go on forever! But in The Old Town, the tapas bars are amazing and really make you feel like you are in a new and exciting place. Not only is the food so good but going from one bar to the other picking up food on the way at each is a really good way to spend an evening.

  • Zabal Kafetak

We went here a few days for breakfast because it was absolutely lovely. The food was incredible. It was filled with delicious pastries and set on the corner of a street near a garden square. I loved going for breakfast here, and it was always busy which I think is a great sign in a food place. The coffee was also amazing here!

• Places •

San Sebastian was filled with so many amazing places to go. I might not have covered everywhere in the following list, because there are loads of things to do in the city, but I have put together my favourite things we did and places that we visited whilst we were there.

  • The Old Town

As I have mentioned, I love this place. It was such a great part of the city, lined with amazing places to eat and looking up at the buildings, they are absolutely stunning. I could walk around this place for ages because the atmosphere is so lovely – it really feels like you are on holiday. There is also a lovely square here where you can sit and have a nice drink.

  •      Mount Urgull

This was a really nice walk that I would recommend because it was so nice to get out in the fresh air. It is a small climb up to a statue through woodland and it really is a great way to get a good view of the city from afar. I love places near a city that are away from the ‘hustle and bustle’ of the centre, and this is a really nice space to go for that!

  • Mount Igeldo

Similar to Mount Urgull, but there is also an option to go up the mountain in a carriage/train up the tracks – something I 100% opted for! When you get to the top, it opens up to this great surround view of the city and beaches. Plus, there is a lovely place to grab some food and drink and look out across the city, as well as a small rollercoaster ride and lots of other similar things. It is a great place to go – especially when it is a bit sunnier, when you can really get a good view.

  • Petritegi Sagardotegia

This could probably be added in my ‘Food’ section, but it really is an activity in itself and if you go to San Sebastian, I would highly recommend that you go here. We jumped in a taxi from the city centre and drove up through hills and got to the Cider House. You pay €30 and get unlimited cider that you get yourselves from huge barrels (it’s so much fun to pour them yourself), as well as a 4-course meal to share between a few of you. There was fish and steak and veg, it was all absolutely delicious. The staff were so welcoming and couldn’t do enough for us, it was such a great thing to do and I would 100% suggest that if you are near San Sebastian you go to Petritegi Sagardotegia.

  • Tabakalera

This was a really cool place in the city. It is a renovated tobacco factory, and it has been re-designed to be essentially a work space come café come museum. If I were a student or was visiting the city and had some work to do, I would definitely go here because it is decorated in such a spacious and cool way. I loved it here, and there is also a balcony at the very top that gives another great view of the city. On our last day in San Sebastian, it was so sunny, and we sat on the balcony for a few hours because there was absolutely no wind and it was so lovely up there.

So, there are my recommendations for San Sebastian. It is an amazing city and somewhere I would love to go back to and would highly recommend a visit there! If you have been to the city, I would love to know your favourite places so that when I go back, I can visit them all! Let me know in the comments.

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