My Thank You Letter to Zoe Sugg

My Thank You Letter to Zoe Sugg

Zoe Sugg recently turned 28 and took the opportunity of her birthday to raise money for the charity Mind. In an amazingly short space of time she hit and surpassed her target of £10,000, raised even more awareness for mental health and I’m sure helped so many people personally struggling. And it got me thinking - what a woman.

It is only when I look back at my 13-year-old self that I truly realise the impact that Zoella has had on me. I found Zoe’s videos, like many did, in the 2013 world of YouTube and I couldn’t be more grateful that I did. She has inspired me so much through my teenage years and helped me in more ways than one to overcome potential barriers in my life. So, this is essentially my Thank You letter to Zoe (as potentially cringe as that sounds) because I feel as though she has not only been a significant person in my life, but in many others - and the most amazing thing about it is that we’ve never met haha!

• Mental Health •

Around the time I found Zoe’s videos, I was beginning to struggle with anxiety. I remember seeing Zoe’s video ‘Dealing with Panic Attacks and Anxiety’ and it taking me forever to click on it. It was as though I was afraid to admit that I was struggling with anxiety. Eventually watching that video and reading the stream of supportive comments underneath was unbelievably reassuring. Zoe was the first public figure that I had come across personally who had spoken so candidly about her struggle with anxiety, and this was a massive help to my 13-year-old self (and continues to be today). Since watching that video, I have continued to follow Zoe’s journey with anxiety, which not only gives me a push every now and then to know that anxiety is normal and that I can and am overcoming it, but also I guess even makes me feel proud of how far Zoe has come. In a recent vlog, she explained how she may no longer have to speak to her therapist about her anxiety because of how much it has improved and how much she has worked to improve it. The fact that Zoe shares this online not only gives me confidence in my own ability to improve my anxiety, but also makes me feel so happy for her.

• Business Woman •

In 2018, so far Zoe has really let us in to the business aspect of her life. This has been so motivational for me to watch. Her business meetings and brainstorming sessions are something I find so interesting and I am so glad she has let us into this aspect of her life. I have personally found it very inspiring.  Since I was about 15 (maybe even younger), I have always wanted to start my own blog, but never truly had the guts to just do it. I was always too afraid to put myself out there and be creative. But, as you can see if you are reading this post, I finally did it. Along with my family’s support and push to get started with my blog (after having spoken about it for so long), this also has a lot to do with Zoe’s vlogs at the beginning of 2018, especially those where she lets us into the business side of things, as well as her car chats with her friend Mark . Hearing her bits of advice, and her motivation to know that ‘the world needs you’, really gave me the push I needed to just 100% go for it. I also can’t forget to mention the success of her beauty and lifestyle ranges, which of course I love, and her trilogy of Girl Online! So, thank you Zoe, for not just being so inspirational to me, but to so many other people out there.

•Being Kind •

Zoe has always struck me as a kind and caring person. This is partly because of her amazing hosting skills making people feel as welcome in her home as she possibly can, but also throughout her vlogs she is always polite to everyone. Whether that be literally a simple thank you in a shop or stopping with viewers/readers to take a picture, she always seems to be so friendly to everyone she meets. Another reflection of this is her great friendships. I don’t know how many times I have re-watched her vlogs with Mark (I just know it’s a lot haha), but seeing how they are so friendly to one another and have such a fun time together, whilst also being able to truly support one another and have endless ‘car chats’, has been something that I have loved to watch. I remember in one of Zoe’s vlogs she posed the question as to why people love to watch her and Marks videos and the simple answer is that it brings such happiness to me seeing two people who are so kind to one another and have the ability to have fun no matter what they are doing. Zoe’s kindness and fun side have always been able to make me smile and I love watching her relationships with those around her. The importance of Zoe’s friendships and family to her also make me cherish the friendships and family I have and make me realise the importance of the people around me in life.

So, thank you Zoe. I am so glad that in a modern age of so many potential influencers out there on social media, I was able to find you. I feel as though without having met Zoe, it never fails to surprise me the impact that she has on my life. Her videos, blog posts and products are consistent motivations throughout my life and I am so grateful that I have had Zoe Sugg to look up to since I was 13 years old: a kind, funny, strong, business woman who never fails to spread positive messages in every way that she can. Thank you, Zoe!

I think this tweet by ‘Fabulous Hannah’ sums it up:
‘I hope that when my daughters are 11/12 they have someone like ‪@Zoella to look up to, a kind hearted successful entrepreneur’ @fabuloushannahh

Thanks again Zoe, I can’t wait to see where life and business takes you in the following years.

Zoe's links:
Mind Charity Donation Pagehttps://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/zoella 

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