My Favourite Films

My Favourite Films

Whilst we have been lucky in the UK to have a little bit of sun last week, it was pretty short lived and now that the weather isn’t as good, it has made me want to stay in and watch lots of films. I love movie-days and I definitely have a few that I always want to re-watch that are my all-time favourites, so I thought I’d share them in a blog post.

• The Notebook •
There is never a time when someone suggests watching The Notebook that I don’t want to, I could watch this film so many times and never get bored. I just love that it is everything that a romantic film should be, there is even a Ferris Wheel and dancing in the street. For those who haven’t seen the film, it is essentially a movie about two people who fall in love when they are younger, grow apart and then the story of their paths crossing again in later life. I couldn’t love this film more. If you haven’t seen it, I would definitely suggest you give it a watch (and it’s on Netflix now!)

• Walk the Line •
Johnny Cash is a singer that I love to listen to, so when I knew there was a film about his life, I was immediately interested. This film is great because firstly Reece Witherspoon is in it (who I love!) but also it is based on true events and I find it so interesting to know the life/lives behind the musician. It is acted so brilliantly and there is music throughout – which is a great addition to any film. The first time watching it, I didn’t know too much about the life of Johnny Cash, so finding out things and learning about the singer made for a really interesting film.

• Dirty Dancing •
Another romantic film, so of course I am going to like it, but also the fact it is mixed with dancing is something I love. I find it great that even though the film came out in 1987, it doesn’t feel like you’re watching an old-fashioned movie. For those who haven’t seen it, Dirty Dancing is essentially a film about the romance of two people who meet at a family summer holiday camp, one who works at the camp and one who is visiting with her family. It is this romance based around dancing that makes it one of my favourite movies to watch!

• Spike Island •
I found this film when I was about 15, and I instantly loved it! The movie is based around 5 boys from Manchester trying to get into the famous Stone Roses concert in Spike Island. The storyline of these boys is great because it is true to what working class Manchester would have been like in those times. As well as this, it shines a light on the importance of music, in particular Stone Roses music, and I love any film that has music throughout, especially when it recognises the significance of songs to people. There is so much I love about this film, I have re-watched it so many times, so I would definitely recommend you give it watch it.

• Greatest Showman •
This is probably one of the most recent films on the list to be released, but it has quickly become a favourite of mine. It is so uplifting, and the message of the film is so positive in accepting everyone’s differences and celebrating them. Not only that, but since watching the film I haven’t been able to stop listening to the soundtrack  – the songs are so good and again have a great message to them! If you haven’t seen this film I would definitely suggest you give it a watch because it is a real feel-good movie – and also Zendaya is in it, who I am such a fan of!

• Sunshine On Leith •
I absolutely love this film. It is a musical film, with songs from The Proclaimers played throughout. It is based around a story of two men returning from war and their family along with romance. It is such a feel good film and I could watch it so many times over. I have always loved this film since I went to see it in the cinema, and would 100% recommend to anyone who loves a feel good musical and the Proclaimers!

So, there are my favourite films! I would love to know in the comments what your favourite films are and what movie recommendations you might have for me to watch?

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