It's The Simple Things

It's The Simple Things

I have always loved the simple things in life. I think that a lot of people, including myself on occasion, can get wrapped up in the latest phone or the newest laptop and other material things as the most exciting part of life. However, I always think that the best things are those which are simple, and don’t cost a ridiculous amount of money to get or do. So, with that being said, I thought I’d share the simple things in life that I love.

• Family and Friends •
I have always thought myself lucky to have such an amazing family and some great friends. I love spending time with people where you are completely yourself and can just relax and have fun. One of my friends and I always joke about the fact we never have to spend any money together, we can just walk the dogs or sit and chat and are guaranteed to have a good time. My family and friends are so important to me because one of my favourite things to do is spend time with loved ones.

• Cup of Tea •
A bit less meaning than the first one, I must say, but nevertheless one of the simple things about life I love. It’s something that is so homely and relaxing, and being in a house where everyone loves drinking tea, it’s very rare that I go through a day without one. When I was revising for exams, every break I took from studying was met with a cup of tea, because I find it so relaxing. One of my friends made me a mug for Christmas that said, ‘if I doubt, have a cup of tea’ and it was one of the most ‘me’ presents I have ever been given haha! Also, I am talking about cup of 'Yorkshire Tea' because it is the best haha!

• Fresh Air and Dog Walks •
I think getting out in the fresh air and going on a long country walk or a walk on the beach is one of my favourite ways to spend a day. I love being outside and spending time with my 3 dogs (Stanley, Lottie and Gem), and being on a walk is really relaxing. I think it’s one of those things you can do year-round and a little bit of light exercise is really good for you too! It’s also nice to be out in the fresh air because it gives you time without phones or social media - it is a really good way to switch off.

• Books and Films •
I have done two previous blog posts (link at the bottom of the page) about books and films that I love because I just think they are great. There is nothing better than watching a film you love or reading a good book. I love watching films with other people, its one of my favourite things to get a group of friends together and have a movie day. Reading a book is also something I love because there are so many different types of books to go at, meaning that you can never get bored!

• Music •
Music is honestly one of my favourite things. That is one of the reasons I was so excited to pass my driving test, so that I could have a new space to listen to my favourite music. What I love is that whatever mood you are in, there are songs to listen to. Whether you are meeting up for an evening with friends, or having a bubble bath, there is something for every occasion. I just love music and am always so happy to find new songs and new artists.

As I have said, the simple, everyday parts of life are my favourite, and I would love to know in the comments: what are the simple things in life that you love?

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