A Letter To My Future 30-Year-Old Self

A Letter To My Future 30-Year-Old Self

Dear Me,

Hello! I hope you’re doing good. I’m sure you’ll be finding it strange that so much time has passed since you wrote this letter 12 years ago. Writing this letter is equally as strange, the thought of what the future will bring and where I will be in 12 years’ time reading this letter is so weird, only because I have no idea what to expect.

Currently I am 18, having a gap year, not too sure what I want to be doing in my career or what direction I want my life to go in – I can’t say I’ll be a nurse, or a teacher, or anything else for certain because I haven’t a career path set in stone. Having said that, there are a few things I know for sure I would love my future to hold and so I hope that you are living out some of the following;

• A Career You are Passionate about •

As I mentioned, I don’t know what you will be doing but I hope it is something you are passionate about. I think currently I might want to own a business and work for myself. I think that is the only thing I am somewhat set on. So potentially I hope this is the case for you and that being self-employed is fun. But if you aren’t working for yourself, I hope that you are thoroughly enjoying your career. Whatever you are doing, I hope it is something you are passionate about and wouldn’t want to stop doing any time 

• Family •

In terms of family, I hope that you are as close to your family as I am now. I would love to think that the family still meets up every year, although I’m sure the ever-growing size of the family will mean you will need to find a place with more accommodation to stay when everyone gets together. It would be a lovely thought to think that traditions of each occasion are upheld and that everyone still gets along as well as they do now. I’m almost certain you’ll be as close to mum, dad, your brother and your sister. Growing up this has always been the case and I am sure it will continue forever. I also hope they are all happy and doing things they love too!

• Friends •

I hope that you have kept in contact with friends from home and from growing up. It would be a nice thought that you would have held onto these friendships so that you can laugh about old memories and go to places that I go now with my friends, still in 12 years’ time. It would be lovely for you to have made new friends throughout your life so far, bringing positive people into your life. Mainly, I hope you surround yourself with people who make you happy and that you support your friends and have a good effect on them as well.

• My Own Home and Family Life •

Whilst I don’t know what your personal home life will hold at 30, I hope that you are in a happy relationship with someone you love. This is of course a hope for everyone, but I definitely wanted to write it down, because I would love the thought of being with someone that makes me happy when I am that age. Hopefully you will have children or if not now, be looking to have children in the following years. As you know, I have always been family oriented, so would love my 30-year-old self to be as family based as me.

• Blogging •

I hope that you are still blogging in at 30. Partly so that you can write another letter to your 50-year-old self – let’s keep the trend going. But also, and mainly because I know that it is something that you are currently loving and passionate about. I hope that you still have a place on the internet in blog-form, because I would love the thought of being able to look back on my interests and thoughts throughout my life in years to come.

It is so funny to think that I will be reading this is 12 years. I am not going to re-read or open it again once I have posted it until I turn 30. I think that will make it more fun when I come to read this letter, because I will have probably forgotten what I had specifically hoped for at the age of 30.
So, if my 30-year-old self is in fact reading this – I hope everything is going great, and I am so interested to see what you think of this letter, I have really enjoyed writing it, so I hope I will enjoy reading it when I get to 30.

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