Night Away in Derbyshire

Night Away in Derbyshire

I recently went on a lovely trip away near Hope and Castleton in Derbyshire with my family. It is a really pretty and quaint place, and from what I have grasped seems like it has a lot of history to it. I love how pretty it is; stone walls through the small village, surrounded by hills, lots of pubs and jewellery shops. It really is beautiful, and I love being away, even just for a night, in such a lovely place.

We were staying in this great place which used to be a pub but has now been renovated into a place to stay on holiday. The fact that it used to be a pub is fab because the bar is still there, and you can get barrels to work the bar yourself, which is a real fun edition to staying away. When we arrived, we quickly picked our rooms and then had a nice chat sitting around the bar. I love being away and relaxed because it gives you a chance to really catch up with everyone and have a nice time.

About half an hour later, we went into Castleton and had a lovely dinner in a pub/restaurant called ‘The Castle’. It was delicious, I had ‘Fritto Misto’ which was a battered fish selection with chips, of course followed by a crumble, because that is my all-time favourite dessert. We stayed in the restaurant for a few hours before heading back to the place we were staying. When driving back through Castleton, it was so nice to look around and see how lovely of a place it was. It is surrounded by hills, and the centre is lowly lit with warm lights which add such a welcoming atmosphere to the place.

When we got back to where we were staying, we got together chocolate and sweets and sat down to have a nice chill. I love being away for short break, I think it gives me a chance to both relax and reset so that when I get back home, I can be more productive and refreshed to get back to work. I really enjoyed our stay away, and Derbyshire is definitely a place I would love to go back to and visit.

I would love to know where you like to go for a short break?

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