My Music Taste

My Music Taste

Although some may say my taste in music is random, I like to think of it as eclectic. I love music from so many different genres, whether that be Manchester bands like Oasis and Stone Roses, or music from films; like songs from Dirty Dancing or The Greatest Showman. I love so many different types of music that it’s hard to pick a favourite genre, so I might as well summarise my top picks here.

·      Manchester Music
I do have to say out of all genres of music that I love, this is probably my favourite. I think Manchester as a city has produced some of the best of British music; the Gallagher brothers, Stone Roses, Elbow, The Courteeners – the list goes on. I first found Manchester music through Oasis when I was about 14/15. Even though their songs had always been played in our house forever growing up, I suddenly became a real fan. The real reason I taught myself to play the guitar was because of music from Manchester and it’s hard to find a song I don’t like that was made by a Manchester Band.

·      Girl Power
Another real love of mine are songs from girl groups and strong women. Its needless to say that the Spice Girls fall into this category; I love the fact that their songs are so uplifting, and everyone knows their music, as well as the fact that they essentially coined the term ‘Girl Power’. Following on from the Spice Girls, Little Mix are a real favourite of mine. Not only do I love their music, but I love how they come across in interviews. They seem like really lovely, strong and fun women, and that only makes me a bigger fan of them and their music.

·      Songs from Films
Songs like these have always been up there as a favourite of mine. I remember watching Calamity Jane when I was younger and loving the fact that you could sing along with your favourite characters. Dirty Dancing is one of my favourite films, and one reason I love it so much is that the songs are so good. Even though I don’t think it’s branded as a Musical, the songs that are played are some of my favourites. I could write forever about this category, there have been so many good Musical Films in recent years; from High School Musical to Frozen, to The Greatest Showman, to Les Miserables, to School of Rock – I just love all of the songs.

·      Bands
     This is a slight overlap of Manchester Music and Girl Power, but there are so many bands that I love. Of course, the songs from the previous categories belong here too, but there are many more. My Dad has always been a fan of AC/DC and so I love some of their songs – I do have to say I prefer more of the ‘relaxed’ ones though! Guns and Roses as well are great, their song ‘Patience’ is one of my all-time favourites. I could write this list forever, as there are so many bands that I absolutely love; Kodaline, the Lumineers, One Direction, The Housemartins, Arctic Monkeys, Caamp. I think the range of bands I listen to really does show my mix of musical taste.

·      Irish Music
I have always absolutely loved Irish music. Despite being born in England, I am from an Irish family, with my Dad’s side of the family being from there. Therefore, growing up, at many family occasions and events, there was always Irish music played. Whether that be the Dubliners or the Corrs, I have always had a love for the songs and the melodies that come from Ireland.

·      Music Everyone Loves
I feel as though there is music that I would forget to mention unless I made this category, because it just goes without saying that people love these artists. BeyoncĂ©, Adele, Bob Dylan, George Michael, Amy Winehouse, Elton John - the list is endless. And even though everyone seems to love these classics, I feel as though I need to make a category for them – because I am such a fan of all of their music.

I’m sure there are some artists I have forgotten to mention, but I think it’s safe to say I have a real mix of music and bands that I love. Is your music taste any similar to mine? Is there anyone you would recommend I listen to? – please let me know!

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