Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome!


My name is Eve, I am currently 18 years old and having a gap year. This has not been a typical gap year. I haven’t travelled to far flung places or immersed myself in different cultures of the world – although that would have been fantastic – I have simply worked so that I can begin writing this blog. Now that I have reached the milestone of my first post, I am really looking forward to seeing how it takes shape, although quite nervous to put my thoughts and interests out into the world.

I have always wanted to start a blog. A blog to me is your own space of the internet, where you can put out your creativity. For me, the amount of people my blog reaches isn’t the ‘be all and end all’. I like the idea of connecting with people online, whether that be 20 people or 20,000. I have considered for a while now what I would like my blog to encompass. Although I have a basic idea, I don’t want to close it off to a certain category or type just yet, so for now I am setting out a kind-of ‘wish list’ for how I would like it to be.

So, here are the aims for my creative corner of the internet:
  • BE POSITIVE. I would like my blog to always be a positive part of the internet. In this modern day and age there are so many negative outlets online and I don’t want mine to be one of them. So, my first rule of posting is to be positive.
  • REFLECTION. It would be nice for my blog to be a reflection of me, my thoughts and my interests. This way, I can look back on it in years to come and see what I loved at that very moment.
  • HONESTY. Essentially, this is a combination of 1 and 2. Although I want my blog to be positive, I also want it to be a realistic reflection of that moment in time, and therefore honesty with life, whilst focusing on the positives, is hopefully going to be a key part of my blog.

So, there we are – my first blog post done! I hope whoever reads this enjoys my little pocket of the internet. 

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